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Stromectol (Ivermectin)

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Generic Stromectol is a high-calls medication which is used to treat infections caused by certain parasites. Generic Stromectol is an anti-parasite medication. It causes the death of certain parasitic organisms in the body. Generic Stromectol may also be used for other purposes.

Other names for this medication:

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Imidazothiazole, Benzimidazole


Also known as:  Ivermectin.


Generic Stromectol is developed by qualified medical scientists for treating infections caused by certain parasites. Generic Stromectol is an anti-parasite medication. It causes the death of certain parasitic organisms in the body. Generic Stromectol may also be used for other purposes.


Take Generic Stromectol orally with a full glass of water.

Take Generic Stromectol on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after food. Do not take with food.

Take GenericGeneric Stromectol at regular intervals. Do not take it more often than directed.

If you want to achieve most effective results do not stop taking Generic Stromectol suddenly.


If you overdose Generic Stromectol and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.


Store at a room temperature between 4 and 30 degrees C (39 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Throw away the after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Stromectol are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Generic Stromectol if you are allergic to Generic Stromectol components or to other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives.

Be careful with Generic Stromectol if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding.

Be careful with Generic Stromectol if you have liver disease or asthma.

Be careful with Generic Stromectol if you are taking medicines that treat or prevent blood clots like Warfarin.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

It can be dangerous to stop Generic Stromectol taking suddenly.

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The efficacy of ivermectin long-acting injection (IVM LAI, IVOMEC® GOLD, Merial; 3.15 % ivermectin w/v) formulation was evaluated in cattle with induced Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis or Psoroptes ovis infestations. A total of 64 cattle were included in this series of four studies, with 16 animals per study. Approximately, 8 weeks following initial induced mite infestation, cattle were allocated to treatment groups based on decreasing pre-treatment bodyweights. Treatments (saline (control) or IVM LAI (630 mcg ivermectin/kg bodyweight) at 1 mL/50 kg bodyweight) were administered by a single subcutaneous injection in front of the right shoulder on Day 0. Skin scrapings were collected prior to treatment and at approximately weekly intervals for 8 weeks thereafter to establish live mite counts. Character and extent of skin lesions were evaluated at each sampling. Animals were weighed before treatment and at the end of the studies. Mite counts of the IVM LAI-treated animals were significantly (p < 0.05) lower than those of the controls in all four studies at all occasions post-treatment. In the two Sarcoptes studies, IVM LAI-treated cattle were free of mites at 14 days after treatment and in the Psoroptes studies at 13 or 28 days post-treatment. All IVM LAI-treated cattle remained free of mites to the end of the studies while all control animals remained infested. Mange lesions of the IVM LAI-treated animals improved significantly (p < 0.05) compared to those of the controls from Day 21 (Sarcoptes studies) and from Days 28 or 34 (Psoroptes studies). In all studies, mean weight gain over the 8 week post-treatment period was significantly (p < 0.05) higher for the IVM LAI-treated animals than for the controls: Sarcoptes studies, 64.1 and 68.6 kg vs. 46.9 and 48.6 kg, respectively; Psoroptes studies, 43.0 and 43.4 kg vs. 20.8 and 34.9 kg, respectively. All animals accepted the treatment well, and no treatment-related health problems and adverse events were observed throughout the studies. These studies demonstrated the high efficacy of IVOMEC® GOLD against sarcoptic and psoroptic mange in cattle.

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Chemotherapy of onchocerciasis by doxycycline, which targets symbiotic Wolbachia endobacteria, has been shown to result in a long-term sterility of adult female worms and corresponding absence of microfilariae. It represents an additional chemotherapeutic approach. The aim of this study was to determine whether a similar regimen would also show efficacy against Wuchereria bancrofti. Ghanaian individuals ( n=93) with lymphatic filariasis and a minimum microfilaremia of 40 microfilariae/ml were included in a treatment study consisting of four arms: (1) doxycycline 200 mg/day for 6 weeks; (2) doxycycline as in (1), followed by a single dose of ivermectin after 4 months; (3) ivermectin only; or (4) no treatment during observation period of 1 year (ivermectin at the end of the study). Doxycycline treatment resulted in a 96% loss of Wolbachia, as determined by real time PCR from microfilariae. After 12 months, doxycycline had led to a 99% reduction of microfilaremia when given alone, and to a complete amicrofilaremia together with ivermectin. In contrast, after ivermectin treatment alone a significant presence of microfilariae remained (9% compared to pretreatment), as known from other studies. This study shows that doxycycline is also effective in depleting Wolbachia from W. bancrofti. It is likely that the mechanism of doxycycline is similar to that in other filarial species, i.e., a predominant blockade of embryogenesis, leading to a decline of microfilariae according to their half-life. This could render doxycycline treatment an additional tool for the treatment of microfilaria-associated diseases in bancroftian filariasis, such as tropical pulmonary eosinophilia and microfiluria.

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The study determined that Simulium neavei-transmitted onchocerciasis in Mount Elgon onchocerciasis focus had been interrupted. Annual mass treatment with ivermectin changed to two times per year along with vector elimination in 2007. Then, baseline microfilaria (mf) prevalence data of 1994 in five sentinel communities were compared with follow-up data in 2005 and 2011. Blood spots from 3,051 children obtained in 2009 were analyzed for Onchocerca volvulus immunoglobulin G4 antibodies. Fresh water crab host captures and blackflies collected indicated their infestation with larval stages of S. neavei and presence or absence of the vector, respectively. Mf rates dropped from 62.2% to 0.5%, and 1 (0.03%) of 3,051 children was positive for O. volvulus antibodies. Crab infestation dropped from 41.9% in 2007 to 0%, and S. neavei biting reduced to zero. Both remained zero for the next 3 years, confirming interruption of onchocerciasis transmission, and interventions were halted.

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To describe baseline ophthalmological data in order to assess the impact of Community-Directed with Ivermectin (CDTI) in Uganda.

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On histopathological examination, the tail of a parasite of the group of filariae was found. The patient revealed that she had stayed in Africa and Malaysia for professional reasons. 6 months before the time of diagnosis, she had also suffered from a fever and poor general condition after a trip abroad. The patient was referred for further treatment to the Institute for Tropical Medicine at the University of Dusseldorf, where a treatment with ivermectin was conducted on the basis of positive staining with antibodies against filariae.

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Cutaneous gnathostomiasis is an emerging food-borne parasitic zoonosis. Histopathological demonstration of the larva on random biopsy specimen of erythematous plaques is infrequent because of its migrating nature.

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We have identified a syndrome induced by mercuric chloride in BN rats in which there is evidence of tissue injury in many organs, with some features in common with graft-versus-host disease. There is also necrotizing leucocytoclastic vasculitis affecting the gut, and the importance of this is enhanced by the description in the accompanying paper of autoantibodies similar to those found in human systemic vasculitis. Our observations strengthen the analogies between this model and human autoimmune disease.

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Overexpression of P2X7 receptors correlates with tumor growth and metastasis. Yet, release of ATP is associated with immunogenic cancer cell death as well as inflammatory responses caused by necrotic cell death at sites of trauma or ischemia-reperfusion injury. Using an FDA-approved anti-parasitic agent Ivermectin as a prototype agent to allosterically modulate P2X4 receptors, we can switch the balance between the dual pro-survival and cytotoxic functions of purinergic signaling in breast cancer cells. This is mediated through augmented opening of the P2X4/P2X7-gated Pannexin-1 channels that drives a mixed apoptotic and necrotic mode of cell death associated with activation of caspase-1 and is consistent with pyroptosis. We show that cancer cell death is dependent on ATP release and death signals downstream of P2X7 receptors that can be reversed by inhibition of NADPH oxidases-generated ROS, Ca(2+)/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) or mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP). Ivermectin induces autophagy and release of ATP and HMGB1, key mediators of inflammation. Potentiated P2X4/P2X7 signaling can be further linked to the ATP rich tumor microenvironment providing a mechanistic explanation for the tumor selectivity of purinergic receptors modulation and its potential to be used as a platform for integrated cancer immunotherapy.

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When ingested in a blood meal, ivermectin has been shown to reduce the survivorship of Anopheles gambiae in the laboratory and field. Furthermore, ivermectin mass drug administrations in Senegal have been shown to reduce the proportion of Plasmodium falciparum-sporozoite-containing An. gambiae. This study addresses whether ivermectin inhibits sporogony of P. falciparum in An. gambiae.

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First-stage larvae of Caenorhabditis elegans were immersed in 0.15% 1-phenoxy-2-propanol to induce temporary paralysis, including the suppression of pharyngeal pumping. Subsequent addition of ivermectin (to give 50 micrograms/ml) induced coiling and prolonged immobilization of such larvae, as also of control larvae (previously immersed only in water). The results suggest that ingestion of drug by means of pharyngeal pumping is not a prerequisite for the uptake of ivermectin at levels sufficient for antinematodal action.

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To describe the treatment of cutaneous myiasis in three dogs caused by the larvae of Ch. bezziana in Malaysia and their treatment with spinosad plus milbemycin.

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Various liquid chromatographic (LC) techniques for analyzing avermectin (Abamectin) were compared after extraction of residues from citrus fruit samples by matrix solid-phase dispersion (MSPD). LC with UV and fluorescence detection were used as also was LC coupled to the mass spectrometer by an electrospray interface. The results obtained by the three methods were compared in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. The combination of MSPD extraction and LC with fluorescence detection have made it possible to quantify 0.5 microg kg(-1) of Abamectin in 0.5 g of orange sample, with an overall average recovery of 94%. The procedure provides a simple and sensitive method for monitoring Abamectin residues in citrus fruit at the levels required by legislation.

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When a severe peritonitis outbreak in semi-domesticated reindeer was noticed in 2003 in Finland, the concerned industry urged immediate preventive actions in order to avoid detrimental effects of S. tundra and further economical losses. A research programme was swiftly initiated to study S. tundra and its impact on the health and wellbeing of reindeer.

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A novel serological assay which measures IgG(T) specific for a 12/13 kDa protein of the equine tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata was used as part of a colic outbreak investigation. A training/rehabilitation yard for Thoroughbreds and Arabs was found to have an increasing incidence of colic over a 5 year period, culminating in a peak incidence of 1.15 episodes/horse year at risk. Four animals suffered from ileal impaction colic which necessitated surgical management. A case-control study design suggested a strong association between tapeworm infection and colic, with evidence of a dose-response relationship. Intervention, in the form of anticestode anthelminthics, coincided with a decrease in the incidence of colic and a fall in anti-12/13 kDa IgG(T) antibody levels of 8 horses monitored post-treatment. This study demonstrates that anthelminthic regimens, using exclusively ivermectin, may lead to an increase in tapeworm infection intensity which may in turn lead to an increased incidence of colic. Furthermore, it provides support to the hypothesis that the risk of ileal impaction colic and spasmodic colic increases with tapeworm infection intensity. The practical application of the anti-12/13 kDa IgG(T) ELISA is demonstrated by this study.

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The donation of Mectizan® by Merck & Co Inc. in 1987 "as much as was needed for as long as was needed for onchocerciasis control" was a major change from traditional corporate drug donations. The company realised that those who needed the drug most would never be able to purchase it, and so gave it away. The donation enabled the Onchocerciasis Control Programme in West Africa to add Mectizan distribution to its ongoing control strategy. For the first time there was hope for those living in other areas of Africa, Latin America and Yemen. Governments and non-governmental development organizations quickly got together to begin treatment in these new areas. Two new programmes and partnerships were created; the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control and the Onchocerciasis Elimination Programme for the Americas. These programmes have been in the forefront of developing new strategies, including the Community Directed approach, which has now expanded into other disease control programmes at the community level, such as Vitamin A distribution and malaria control. This donation has led not only to the probability of elimination of onchocerciasis in the Americas in the near future, but is stimulating approaches to the elimination in Africa, in areas considered impossible five years ago. Other major pharmaceutical donations have followed, initiating the plan to eliminate lymphatic filariasis worldwide, and also stimulating interest in controlling other "neglected tropical diseases," which affect the poorest billion of the world's population, making this now a reality.

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We document the presence of a Rhipicephalus microplus tick population resistant to acaricides (organophosphates (OP), synthetic pyrethroids (SP), amitraz) and macrocyclic lactones (ML) (ivermectin). Engorged females of R. microplus were collected from a cattle farm in Veracruz, Mexico, to evaluate acaricide and ivermectin resistance. The modified larval packet test (LPT) was used to detect OP (chlorpiriphos and diazinon) and SP (flumethrin, deltamethrin and cypermethrin) resistance and the larval immersion test (LIT) to detect resistance to amitraz and ivermectin. Both, LPT and LIT were performed twice at different times with different collected samples. Mortality data with ivermectin were subjected to probit analysis to obtain lethal concentrations and resistance ratios (RR) using an ivermectin-susceptible strain (Deutch) as a reference. The R. microplus population showed resistance to all acaricides tested, with different mortalities at the discriminate dose: chlorpiriphos (1%), diazinon (24.2%), flumethrin (92.8%), deltamethrin (94.2%), cypermethrin (98.0%) and amitraz (1.5%). The studied tick population also showed resistance to ivermectin with a resistance ratio at 99% of 9.58 and 6.52 in the first and second evaluation, respectively. We report for the first time a R. microplus population in Mexico with different levels of resistance to OP, SP, amidines (Am) and ivermectin. The uncontrolled use of these products in the study area may promote the complete failure of tick control within a short period of time.

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Corneal disease is the second most common cause of blindness in tropical countries after cataract. It mainly strikes children who are exposed to numerous infectious agents against which they are unprotected due to the absence of basic health care. In high risk groups, the incidence of childhood corneal-related blindness is more than 20 times higher than in developed countries. There are many causes of corneal-related blindness. Endemic trachoma persists in some areas and inflammatory forms can lead to blindness. Eradication requires instillation of antibiotics in the eye, improvement of sanitary conditions, and campaigns against promiscuity. Xerophthalmia can induce blindness by perforation of the cornea in children with vitamin A deficiency. Measles, herpes simplex keratitis, and corneal ulcer that progresses to bacterial or fungal infections, or to amebic keratitis are also major causes of corneal-related blindness. The incidence of onchocerciasis is decreasing thanks to treatment with ivermectin and programs to control simulium. Neonatal gonococcal ophthalmia and leprosy-associated ocular disease can also lead to blindness. This overview of the various causes illustrates the close correlation between the level of life and living conditions and the occurrence of corneal-related blindness in tropical areas.

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The potential of avermectins as environmentally safe agents for the control of the sandfly vectors of Leishmania spp. was investigated in the laboratory. Female Phlebotomus papatasi and P. langeroni were fed either bloodmeals containing laboratory-grade ivermectin or sugarmeals containing a commercial-product based on abamectin. Low concentrations of either avermectin killed the sandflies, with median lethal concentrations (LC(50)) of just 13 ng ivermectin or 0.5 ng abamectin/ml for P. papatasi and 44 ng ivermectin or 35 ng abamectin/ml for P. langeroni. The feeding of female sandflies of both species with generally sublethal doses (LC(30)) of ivermectin in blood led to markedly reduced survival and fecundity (i.e. number of eggs laid/ovipositing female). However, addition of ivermectin to the bloodmeal (or of abamectin to the sugarmeal) of the females had no statistically significant effect on the proportion of their eggs that hatched. The results indicate that very small amounts of avermectin in their blood- or sugar-meals could control P. papatasi and P. langeroni, by killing many flies and, in the case of ivermectin, by reducing the fecundity of the survivors.

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The absence of animal models in which to reproduce successfully the complete life cycle of Onchocerca volvulus has hindered progress towards unravelling the processes involved in the regulation of parasite abundance in the vertebrate host. Mathematical frameworks have been developed to explore the consequences of such processes in determining parasite population dynamics and the effect on these of control interventions. Post-control predictions are strongly influenced by the assumptions concerning the reproductive life span of the adult female worm (the longest-lived parasite stage) and the distribution of its survival times, and this notion is important to all frameworks. Here, we review the development of models concerning onchocerciasis and discuss the various approaches that have been used, presenting a deterministic framework with parameter values estimated from the Mexican onchocerciasis control programme. This model is used to evaluate interventions combining the removal of adult worms (nodulectomy) and the microfilaricidal and possibly sterilizing effect of ivermectin.

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An estimated US$21.8 billion of direct economic benefits will be gained over the lifetime of 31.4 million individuals treated during the first 8 years of the GPELF. Of this total, over US$2.3 billion is realized by the protection of nearly 3 million newborns and other individuals from acquiring lymphatic filariasis as a result of their being born into areas freed of LF transmission. Similarly, more than 28 million individuals already infected with LF benefit from GPELF's halting the progression of their disease, which results in an associated lifetime economic benefit of approximately US$19.5 billion. In addition to these economic benefits to at-risk individuals, decreased patient services associated with reduced LF morbidity saves the health systems of endemic countries approximately US$2.2 billion.

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The persistence of the effects of ivermectin on the viability, morphology and reproductivity of adult Onchocerca volvulus was examined eighteen months after treatment with a single or five six-monthly doses of ivermectin and compared with untreated controls. Treated nodules were removed from patients participating in a randomised controlled trial of ivermectin in Sierra Leone. Adult filariae, 545 females and 348 males, were isolated by collagenase digestion. The nodules were significantly smaller, contained fewer young worms and supported lower microfilarial production in those treated with five doses of ivermectin. The productivity index, a measure of the reproductive potential of a worm population, was still reduced by 83% eighteen months after five doses and by 63% after a single dose compared to controls. These results show that worms recover their fertility even after multiple doses of ivermectin, but do so slowly compared to standard dosage intervals. In addition ivermectin may have a partial chemoprophylactic effect which contributes to the maintenance of low microfilarial production in conditions of on-going transmission.

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The moxidectin formulation used in the study reported here appears to have a wider margin of safety than ivermectin or milbemycin in avermectin-sensitive Collies.

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Donor nations and UN agencies through the World Bank Onchocerciasis Control Program (OCP) fund have provided $340 million since 1974 to spray rivers and streams with larvacide to kill the vector of the disease-causing parasite in West Africa. $580 million will have been spent by the year 2000 when the program ends. A recent World Bank development essay figures that 30 million people by 1992 had been protected from the disease and an estimated 150,000 saved from going blind. The World Bank's long-term role in the OCP prompted the Non-government Organization (NGO) Coordination Group for ivermectin distribution held at the World Health Organization in June to unanimously endorse the establishment of a similar Bank trust fund from which grants will be made for efforts to control river blindness through the distribution of ivermectin in endemic African countries. Proposals were issued to the Bank on the possible structure of such a fund. The group recommended that the fund be made available only to countries with national plans for controlling the disease and stressed that NGOs should be involved in these plans from the draft stage to full implementation. Furthermore, the group urged that ivermectin programs be used to strengthen primary care services where already functional and as entry points for primary health care where this is not the case, while health workers assigned to the program should also be trained in the delivery of basic health services. The coordination group is preparing a procedures manual for the creation of national onchocerciasis control plans intended to help program planners develop detailed guidelines for programs eligible to be funded through the trust. The manual will discuss program elements such as organization, health education and training, epidemiology, monitoring, and evaluation. The Coordination Group will first focus its efforts upon working with governments in Nigeria and Cameroon in finalizing national plans, but has already invited other NGOs to help distribute ivermectin in these countries.

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ivermectin stromectol buy 2015-09-03

The expression and function of P2X(7) receptors in osteoclasts is well established, but less is known about their role in osteoblast-like cells. A study in P2X(7) receptor knockout mice suggested the involvement of these receptors in bone formation. We have investigated the expression and pharmacology of several P2X receptors in stromectol buy two human osteosarcoma cell lines to see if they could be involved in bone turnover in man.

stromectol buy online 2017-05-23

The mechanisms involved in anthelmintic resistance (AR) are complex but a greater understanding of AR management is essential for effective and sustainable control of parasitic helminth worms in livestock. Current tests to measure AR are time consuming and can be technically problematic, gold standard diagnostics are therefore urgently required to assist in combatting the threat from drug resistant parasites. For anthelmintics such as ivermectin (IVM), target proteins may be present in the cellular membrane. As proteins usually act in complexes and not in isolation, AR may develop and be measurable in the target associated proteins present in the parasite membrane. The model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans was used to develop a sub-proteomic assay to measure protein expression differences, between IVM resistant and IVM susceptible isolates in the presence and absence of drug challenge. Evaluation of detergents including CHAPS, ASB-14, C7BzO, Triton ×100 and TBP (tributyl phosphine) determined optimal conditions for the resolution of membrane proteins in Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis (2DE). These sub-proteomic methodologies were then translated and evaluated using IVM-susceptible and IVM-resistant Haemonchus contortus; a pathogenic blood feeding parasitic nematode which is of global importance in livestock health, welfare and productivity. We have demonstrated the successful resolution of membrane associated proteins from both C. elegans and H. contortus isolates, using a combination of CHAPS and the zwitterionic amphiphilic surfactant ASB-14 to further support the detection of stromectol buy markers for AR.

buy stromectol 6mg 2017-03-01

Simultaneous infection by multiple parasite species is ubiquitous in nature. Interactions among co-infecting parasites may have important consequences for disease severity, transmission and community-level responses to perturbations. However Strattera Missed Dose , our current view of parasite interactions in nature comes primarily from observational studies, which may be unreliable at detecting interactions. We performed a perturbation experiment in wild mice, by using an anthelminthic to suppress nematodes, and monitored the consequences for other parasite species. Overall, these parasite communities were remarkably stable to perturbation. Only one non-target parasite species responded to deworming, and this response was temporary: we found strong, but short-lived, increases in the abundance of Eimeria protozoa, which share an infection site with the dominant nematode species, suggesting local, dynamic competition. These results, providing a rare and clear experimental demonstration of interactions between helminths and co-infecting parasites in wild vertebrates, constitute an important step towards understanding the wider consequences of similar drug treatments in humans and animals.

stromectol buy 2017-01-12

A transcriptional activator for actinorhodin biosynthesis, AtrA, was previously characterized in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), and an orthologue of atrA, named aveI, is identified in the Streptomyces avermitilis NRRL8165 genome (Uguru et al., Mol Microbiol, 58:131-150, 2005). In this study, genetic and functional characterization of aveI gene was reported. Deletion of aveI gene led to increased biosynthesis of avermectin B1a by about 16-fold. The increased synthesis of avermectin B1a was suppressed by complementation with either aveI gene or its orthologue gene atrA from S. coelicolor, suggesting AveI and AtrA shared the similar functionality and were negative regulators for avermectin biosynthesis in S. avermitilis. However, when aveI was introduced into S. coelicolor on a multi-copy plasmid, the production of actinorhodin was significantly increased, indicating that aveI had a positive effect on actinorhodin biosynthesis in S. coelicolor, the same as its orthologue atrA. Electrophoretic mobility shift assays revealed AveI can bind specifically to the promoter region of actII-ORF4 in vitro but not that of aveR. Although its mechanism still needs to be defined, the species-differential regulation by the same regulator may represent an example of the evolutional strategy that enables bacteria to adapt the existing molecular machinery to a variety of functionalities for growth and survival Nexium Tablet .

buy stromectol 12mg 2016-04-02

The present study investigated the efficacy of topical selamectin for elimination of naturally acquired Trichosomoides crassicauda infection in rats. Twelve T. crassicauda-positive rats were assigned to the treatment group and six rats were assigned to the control group. Selamectin (6 mg/kg) was applied topically to the skin in a single spot at the base of the neck in front of the scapulae in the treatment group. To assess the efficacy of the treatment, Prednisone Safe Dosage animal faeces were investigated with the use of the flotation technique on days 0, 4, 14 and 24 after selamectin application. The rats of the treatment and control groups were necropsied on the day 24. In the treatment group, 7 of 12 infected rats were cured completely. Topical selamectin was found to be effective in eliminating T. crassicauda infection in rats.

buy stromectol online 2015-02-13

Results suggest that cows in any stage of lactation and cows that are not lactating can have udder cleft dermatitis but that lesions Antabuse And Alcohol are more common in older cows. Control of sarcoptic mange was accompanied by a moderate reduction in the prevalence of udder cleft dermatitis but did not eliminate the condition.

stromectol to buy 2016-12-15

When the WHO certified the eradication of smallpox in 1981, there was a general impression that the fight against infectious diseases which began with Jenner and Pasteur was entering a phase of achievement: poliomyelitis, dracunculasis, leprosy, Chagas' disease and neonatal tetanus were also responding to eradication campaigns. However, in 1995, infectious diseases are still an important cause of mortality and morbidity and the rising incidence of emerging or re-emerging diseases remains a matter of great concern. Although this situation can be explained, at least partly, by the deterioration of health care systems and diverse socio-economic and ecological disorders, important changes occurring in the drug industry since 1980 have also played a role due to changes in pharmaco-epidemiology and new policies of drug development. Among the 1061 new drugs developed from 1975 to 1994, less than 2.7% concern tropical diseases. Since praziquantel, novel drugs have issued from veterinary medicine (ivermectin), military research (halofantrine, mefloquine) or fortuitous analysis of pharmacopoeia (artesunate). The cost of investments and the lack of market potential and market security in developing countries have dampened interest in developing drugs for tropical diseases. Observing the combined effect of deficient pharmaceutical development, drug wear due to chemoresistance (chloroquine, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, aminopenicillins), the cost barrier (second generation molecules) and the potential abandon of major drugs (eflornithine, melarsoprol) has led us to establish a classification of these "indigent" drugs (in opposition to "orphan" drugs) into five classes: true indigent drugs (eflornithine), indigent drugs by indication (pentamidine), indigent drugs by function (ceftriaxone), indigent drugs by formulation (melarsoprol) and indigent drugs by default (suramin). This analysis Detrol Drug Class can serve as a basis for a search for solutions (regulatory, administrative and financial incentives) favoring a reactivation of drug development for diseases predominating in intertropical regions.

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Observations of low response of patients infected with Onchocerca volvulus to ivermectin suggest that the parasite may be under a selection process toward potential resistance. To limit the extension of Topamax Brand Name this phenomenon, it is crucial to characterize the genes of O. volvulus that are involved. For this, O. volvulus adult worms collected before the introduction of ivermectin in an onchocerciasis endemic area of central Cameroon were genotyped for beta-tubulin. To derive a baseline to investigate the selective pressure of ivermectin, we analysed (1) the frequency distribution of the beta-tubulin alleles, and (2) the relationship between the different beta-tubulin related genotypes and the fertility status of the female worms. The frequency of allele b of the beta-tubulin gene was very low, as it was observed in West Africa. We observed a deficit of heterozygous female worms leading to Hardy Weinberg disequilibrium, which might be explained by a shorter life-span of these worms compared to the homozygous worms. Unexpectedly, our results also show that the heterozygous female worms were much less fertile than the homozygotes: more than two thirds of the homozygotes were fertile, whereas only 37% of the heterozygotes were fertile. These results will be further considered when analysing post-treatment data.

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At the 24 and 48 hour residual efficacy assessments, the imidacloprid + moxidectin and selamectin formulations were similarly highly efficacious. However, the imidacloprid + moxidectin formulation provided a significantly higher rate of flea kill against the KS1 flea strain infesting cats at every 12 hour post-infestation residual efficacy assessment. Both formulations should provide excellent flea control Parlodel Generic Name for an entire month on cats.

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Three populations of the leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess), were collected from commercial ornamental production greenhouses in the United States and tested for susceptibility to three commercial insecticides. A leaf dip bioassay of leaves containing young (1-2-d-old) larvae was used. Based on larval mortality and compared with a susceptible laboratory reference colony, the three strains varied in spectrum and level of resistance to the insecticides. CA-1, collected from Gerbera daisy, was moderately resistant to cyromazine (18.1-fold) and abamectin (22.0-fold), but highly resistant to spinosad (> 188-fold). CA-2, collected from chrysanthemums, was not resistant to abamectin, had a low level of resistance to cyromazine (8.2-fold), but was extremely resistant to spinosad (1,192-fold). GA-1, collected from chrysanthemums, had very low levels of resistance to cyromazine (5.4-fold) and spinosad (1.9-fold) but was moderately resistant to abamectin (30.6-fold). When reared in the absence of insecticide selection pressure, all three strains reverted to approximately the level of the reference strain. The CA-1 strain reverted in nine generations to cyromazine; however, the lowest levels of Ventolin Syrup 60ml abamectin and spinosad resistance reverted to was 3.1-fold at F8 and 3.2 at the F10, respectively. The CA-2 strain reverted in five generations to both cyromazine and spinosad. GA-1 reverted in five generations to abamectin. Based on the results, resistance to these three insecticides was unstable. Additionally, there was no cross-resistance among these three insecticides.

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Two types of experiments were performed in an effort to demonstrate a role for plasma proteins in determining the amount of ivermectin available for transport across the blood-brain barrier of collie dogs sensitive to the effects of the compound. The solubility of ivermectin in plasma from non-sensitive and sensitive collies was measured and found to be identical at 100 micrograms/ml. An assay for measuring the low affinity binding interaction of ivermectin with plasma components was developed. The amount Amoxil Suspension Dosage of ivermectin bound per unit of plasma was the same for samples from sensitive and non-sensitive dogs. Dog serum albumin and the high density lipoprotein portion of the plasma were both capable of binding ivermectin. No differences in the binding characteristics of ivermectin in plasma from ivermectin sensitive and non-sensitive collies were found.

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In small ruminants, faecal egg counts (FECs) and reduction in FECs (FECR) are the most common methods for the assessment of intensity of gastrointestinal (GI) nematodes infections and anthelmintic drug efficacy, respectively. The main limitation of these methods is the time and cost to conduct FECs on a representative number of individual animals. A cost-saving alternative would be to examine pooled faecal samples, however little is known regarding whether pooling can give representative results. In the present study, we compared the FECR results obtained by both an individual and a pooled examination strategy across different pool sizes and analytical sensitivity of the FEC techniques. A survey was conducted on 5 sheep farms in Scotland, where anthelmintic resistance is known to be widespread. Lambs were treated with fenbendazole (4 groups), levamisole (3 groups), ivermectin (3 groups) or moxidectin (1 group). For each group, individual faecal samples were collected from 20 animals, at baseline (D0) and 14 days after (D14) anthelmintic administration. Faecal samples were analyzed as pools of 3-5, 6-10, and 14-20 individual samples. Both individual and pooled samples were screened for GI strongyle and Nematodirus eggs using two FEC techniques with three different levels of analytical sensitivity, including Mini-FLOTAC (analytical sensitivity of 10 eggs per gram of faeces (EPG)) and McMaster (analytical sensitivity of 15 or 50 EPG).For both Mini-FLOTAC and McMaster (analytical sensitivity of 15 EPG), there was a perfect agreement in classifying the efficacy of the anthelmintic as 'normal', 'doubtful' or 'reduced' regardless of pool size. When using the McMaster method (analytical sensitivity of 50 EPG) anthelmintic efficacy was often falsely classified as 'normal' or assessment was not possible due to zero FECs at D0, and this became more pronounced when the pool size increased. In conclusion, pooling ovine faecal samples holds promise as a cost-saving and efficient strategy for assessing GI nematode FECR. However, for the assessment FECR one will Zovirax Generic Cream need to consider the baseline FEC, pool size and analytical sensitivity of the method.

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Better understanding of the dynamics of Ov16 antibody responses Glucotrol Pill Identifier is required for accurate interpretation of seroprevalence data and more precise estimation of endpoint for MDA. Our study demonstrates that this endpoint will be dependent on baseline endemicity levels, which should be taken into account in guidelines for defining when to stop MDA.

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An analytical method is described for the determination of the avermectins in plasma based upon high-performance liquid chromatography of fluorescent derivatives of these compounds. The analyte is isolated by adsorption chromatography on Florisil, dehydrated in an acetic anhydride-pyridine mixture, and the fluorophore is further separated by chromatography on silica gel in advance of introduction into a reversed-phase system. This method, which can be applied to samples containing as Ponstel Generic Price little as 0.2 ng drug per ml, has an accuracy of 5% mean relative error and a precision of 8% relative standard deviation. A study and discussion of several factors which affect the analytical reaction are included.

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For difficult-to-treat head-lice infestation, oral ivermectin, given twice at a 7-day interval, had superior efficacy as compared with topical 0.5% malathion lotion, a finding that suggests that it could be an alternative treatment. ( number, NCT00819520.)

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At clinically relevant doses, it appeared that AEDs were weak substrates (diazepam, gabapentin, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, and phenobarbital) or were not substrates (carbamazepine, felbamate, phenytoin, topirimate, and zonisamide) for canine P-gp. Therefore, it seems unlikely that efficacy of these AEDs is affected by P-gp expression at the blood-brain barrier in dogs.

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Serum was obtained from three groups: Group 1, healthy dogs; Group 2, dogs with localized demodicosis; and Group 3, dogs with generalized demodicosis.

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Scabies is an intensely pruritic disorder induced by an immune allergic response to infestation of the skin by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The biology of the mite, the clinical aspects and diagnosis of scabies infestations as well as the treatment of choice with 5% permethrin dermal cream and the use of scabicides based on other chemical substances are reviewed.

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There is limited data on the prevalence of onchocerciasis in young children in Nigeria, partly because treatment with the effective drug Ivermectin has been contra-indicated in children less than 5. As the risk of complications of onchocerciasis is related to duration and intensity of infection, it would be beneficial to know the prevalence in young children for design of control programmes. A study was therefore undertaken to determine the prevalence of onchocerciasis in 642 children 0-4 years old in a rain forest endemic community in South East Nigeria. The overall onchocerciasis prevalence (positive skin snips) for children 0-4 years old in three Local Government Areas in Enugu State, Eastern Nigeria was 15.7% with no significant difference in infection rates between male and female children. There was no detectable infection in children less than 1 year old. Characteristic onchocercal rash was identified in 11.1% of the children and presence of typical onchocercal subcutaneous palpable nodules in 4.6%. Total prevalence for adults in the same population was found to be 26.9%. This indicates that in onchocerciasis endemic communities, everybody may be at risk of infection irrespective of age.

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Two studies describe the therapeutic and protective efficacy of commercially available, injectable avermectins against Psoroptes ovis infestations. In each study, six untreated calves were compared to groups of six calves each treated with ivermectin long-acting injectable (LAI) 3.15% w/v solution, generic long-acting (LA) ivermectin 1% w/v solution or 1% w/v doramectin solution. Treatments were carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions at 1 ml/50 kg body weight. Live mites in skin scrapings were counted prior to treatment and at weekly intervals for 8 weeks thereafter in the therapeutic study, or at 15, 21 and 28 days after P. ovis challenge which occurred 28 days post-treatment in the study to compare protective efficacy. P. ovis infested calves treated with ivermectin LAI had significantly ( P<0.05) fewer mites than did the untreated controls from 1 week after treatment. They also had significantly fewer mites at 7 and 8 weeks after treatment than did the calves treated with generic LA ivermectin and at 8 weeks after treatment than the calves treated with doramectin. No mites were counted on the animals treated with ivermectin LAI from 4 weeks after treatment through to the end of the study; however, five of the six calves from each of the groups treated with generic LA ivermectin or doramectin were infested with P. ovis at 8 weeks after treatment. No P. ovis mites were recorded on the calves treated prophylactically with ivermectin LAI. In contrast, five or all of the six calves treated prophylactically with generic LA ivermectin or doramectin, respectively, were positive for P. ovis mites at the end of the study. Calves treated prophylactically with ivermectin LAI gained significantly more weight than the untreated controls.

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Reduced sensitivity to insecticides in insect pests often results in control failures and increases in the dose and frequency of applications, ultimately polluting the environment. Reduced sensitivity to emamectin benzoate, a broad-spectrum agrochemical belonging to the avermectin group of pesticides, was reported in house flies (Musca domestica L.) collected from Punjab, Pakistan, in 2013. The aim of the present study was to investigate the risk for resistance development, biochemical mechanism, and cross-resistance potential to other insecticides in an emamectin benzoate selected (EB-SEL) strain of house flies. A field-collected strain showing reduced sensitivity to emamectin was re-selected in the laboratory for five consecutive generations and compared with a laboratory susceptible (Lab-Susceptible) reference strain, using bioassays. The field strain showed rapid development of resistance to emamectin (resistance ratio (RR) increased from 35.15 to 149.26-fold) as a result of selection experiments; however, resistance declined when the selection pressure uplifted. The EB-SEL strain showed reduction in resistance to abamectin, indoxacarb, and thiamethoxam. The results of synergism experiments using piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and S,S,S-tributylphosphorotrithioate (DEF) enzyme inhibitors and biochemical analyses revealed that the metabolic resistance mechanism was not responsible in developing emamectin resistance in the EB-SEL strain. In conclusion, the risk for the rapid development of emamectin resistance under continuous selection pressure suggests using a multifaceted integrated pest management approach for house flies. Moreover, the instable nature of emamectin resistance in the EB-SEL strain and lack of cross-resistance to other insecticides provide windows for the rotational use of insecticides with different modes of action. This will ultimately reduce emamectin selection pressure and help improving management programs for house flies without polluting the environment.

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Many insects have evolved resistance to abamectin but the mechanisms involved in this resistance have not been well characterized. P-glycoprotein (P-gp), an ATP-dependent drug-efflux pump transmembrane protein, may be involved in abamectin resistance. We investigated the role of P-gp in abamectin (ABM) resistance in Drosophila using an ABM-resistant strain developed in the laboratory. A toxicity assay, Western blotting analysis and a vanadate-sensitive ATPase activity assay all demonstrated the existence of a direct relationship between P-gp expression and ABM resistance in these flies. Our observations indicate that P-gp levels in flies' heads were higher than in their thorax and abdomen, and that both P-gp levels and LC(50) values were higher in resistant than in susceptible and P-gp-deficient strains. In addition, P-gp levels in the blood-brain barrier (BBB) of resistant flies were higher than in susceptible and P-gp-deficient flies, which is further evidence that a high level of P-gp in the BBB is related to ABM resistance. Furthermore, we found greater expression of Drosophila EGFR (dEGFR) in the resistant strain than in the susceptible strain, and that the level of Drosophila Akt (dAkt) was much higher in resistant than in susceptible flies, whereas that in P-gp-deficient flies was very low. Compared to susceptible flies, P-gp levels in the resistant strain were markedly suppressed by the dEGFR and dAkt inhibitors lapatinib and wortmannin. These results suggest that the increased P-gp in resistant flies was regulated by the dEGFR and dAkt pathways and that increased expression of P-gp is an important component of ABM resistance in insects.

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J Hunter and S Barker reported different patterns of resistance in schoolchildren in Brisbane, Australia: full resistance to malathion, permethrin, and pyrethrum in two schools, whereas head lice were susceptible to malathion and, to a lesser extent, to pyrethrums in three other schools (Parasitol Res 2003; 90: 476-78). K Yoon and colleagues found different resistance patterns in the USA and Ecuador (Arch Dermatol 2003; 139: 994-1000). Head lice from Florida were less susceptible to permethrin than those from Texas, and parasites from Ecuador were susceptible to both insecticides tested. WHERE NEXT? The occurrence of resistant pediculosis and scabies is expected to increase numerically and geographically. Clinicoepidemiological studies are urgently needed to identify the factors which govern the emergence and spread of strains of P humanus capitis and S scabiei that are resistant to insecticide or acaricide. Oral treatment with ivermectin could substitute for topically applied compounds, particularly in resource-poor communities where polyparasitism is common. A better understanding of local epidemiology is required to develop control measures. This knowledge has to be applied in combination with environmental sanitation, health education, and culturally acceptable interventions that are affordable by the underprivileged.

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Details are given of the prevalence rates of onchocerciasis from the most recent surveys (1989) conducted in northern Ecuador. The disease has intensified and dispersed considerably due to migration of infected individuals and the presence of a highly efficient vector. Comparison of these data with those from two previous surveys carried out in 1982/83 and 1986 and correlated with entomological findings highlight the danger of the formation of new foci of onchocerciasis in areas currently free of the disease. Recommendations are made for further entomological studies in areas either recently or likely to be affected by the disease where potential vectors are unknown or different to those registered in the Santiago focus. Ivermectin treatment with local vector control in specific areas is advocated to reduce the disease to a low level of public health importance.

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Ivermectin treatment was administered every 3 months over a 1-year period (April 1993-April 1994) to the whole eligible population of a village in South Cameroon where both Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura were hyper-endemic. A parasitological stool examination was performed before each treatment. Thirty children, aged 5-15 years, were not only found egg-positive for A. lumbricoides and/or T. trichiura before the first treatment but were also each treated and examined in each treatment round. Among these children, the intensity of infection with A. lumbricoides decreased significantly following the first treatment but thereafter remained steady. In contrast, the repeated ivermectin treatments had no significant impact on the intensity of the T. trichiura infections or on the prevalence of infection with T. trichiura or A. lumbricoides among the 30 children.

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Two groups of three ponies were used to study the effect of three ivermectin or pyrantel treatments given at intervals of 5 weeks at the beginning of the grazing season. Although each pyrantel treatment resulted in a greater than 95% reduction in faecal egg counts during the first 3 weeks, high pasture larval counts were seen from the beginning of August onwards and substantial cyathostomine burdens were found at necropsy in December. The ivermectin treatments resulted in an even more pronounced reduction in faecal egg output, and the pasture larval counts and cyathostomine burdens at necropsy were considerably lower than in the pyrantel group. The proportion of inhibited early L3 of the cyathostomines was lower in the ivermectin than in the pyrantel group. Faecal egg output of the large strongyles was completely suppressed in the ivermectin group. Nevertheless, Strongylus vulgaris larvae were found in the arteries of all three ponies, possibly as a result of overwintering of infective larvae on pasture. In the pyrantel group, the egg output of Strongylus edentatus and, to a much lesser extent, Strongylus vulgaris, was not completely suppressed.

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Studies on anthelmintic resistance in equine parasites do not include facultative parasites. Halicephalobus gingivalis is a free-living bacterivorous nematode and a known facultative parasite of horses with a strong indication of some form of tolerance to common anthelmintic drugs. This research presents the results of an in vitro study on the anthelmintic tolerance of several isolates of Halicephalobus to thiabendazole and ivermectin using an adaptation of the Micro-Agar Larval Development Test hereby focusing on egg hatching and larval development. Panagrellus redivivus and Panagrolaimus superbus were included as a positive control. The results generally show that the anthelmintic tolerance of Halicephalobus to both thiabendazole and ivermectin was considerably higher than that of the closely related Panagrolaimidae and, compared to other studies, than that of obligatory equine parasites. Our results further reveal a remarkable trend of increasing tolerance from fully free-living isolates towards horse-associated isolates. In vitro anthelmintic testing with free-living and facultative parasitic nematodes offers the advantage of observing drug effect on the complete life cycle as opposed to obligatory parasites that can only be followed until the third larval stage. We therefore propose Halicephalobus gingivalis as an experimental tool to deepen our understanding of the biology of anthelmintic tolerance.

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The role of oxidative metabolism in resistance to macrocyclic lactones in Haemonchus contortus was examined by measuring activities toward 2 model cytochrome P450 substrates, aldrin and ethoxycoumarin, in a susceptible and a resistant isolate of the parasite. Microsomal preparations from larvae and adults of the 2 isolates showed no differences in levels of NADPH- or cumene hydroperoxide-supported aldrin epoxidase or ethoxycoumarin O-deethylase activities. Intact adult nematodes showed an ability to catalyze the epoxidation of significant amounts of aldrin, although the nature of the enzyme group responsible was unknown. This epoxidase activity was greater in adults of the susceptible isolate. It is apparent that oxidase activities toward the 2 substrates are not enhanced in the resistant isolate, suggesting that the observed resistance to macrocyclic lactones may not involve enhanced oxidative metabolism.

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On all properties, resistance to ivermectin and abamectin was present and the Parascaris FECR in foals administered the morantel-abamectin combination was > 99%, indicating that this combination effectively controlled ML-resistant parasites.

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Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus is an important cattle pest in Uruguay, and the law regulates its control. It is resistant to organophosphates, synthetic pyrethroids and, as recently discovered, to fipronil. Resistance to macrocyclic lactones (MLs) and amitraz have not been documented; however, veterinarians and farmers have reported treatment failures. The objective of the present work was to study the susceptibility of cattle tick strains from different Uruguayan counties to ivermectin (IVM) and fipronil by using the Larval Immersion Test (LIT). The Mozo strain was used as the susceptible reference strain. From 2007 to 2009, twenty-eight tick populations were collected from different cattle farms with and without history of IVM or fipronil use. A probit analysis estimated dose-mortality regressions, lethal concentrations (LC), and confidence intervals. The resistance ratio (RR) was determined at the LC(50) and LC(90) estimates. To classify a tick population in relation to resistance, three categories based on a statistical analysis of LC and RR between field populations and Mozo strains were defined: susceptible (no differences), incipient resistance (differences and RR(50)<2) and resistant (differences and RR(50)≥2). Eighteen field populations were tested with IVM and five of them presented a RR(50) range between 1.35 and 1.98 and the LC(50/90), which is statistically different from the Mozo strain (incipient resistance). However, the RR(90) increases ≥2 in four of the populations, confirming that tick resistance to IVM is emergent. The low RR values obtained could be a result of a low frequency of treatments with IVM. Twenty-seven tick populations were tested with fipronil and six were diagnosed as resistant according to the LIT. Cross-resistance was not observed between fipronil and IVM on these tick populations. The current study presents different R. (B.) microplus populations with an incipient resistance to IVM, and indicates that the fipronil tick resistance is restricted to certain areas in Uruguay.

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Pesticide resistance has parallels with multi-drug resistance syndrome of tumours in clinical medicine, which has been linked to an ATP-dependent pump, p-glycoprotein (P-gp). P-gps pump drugs out of the cell, thereby reducing cellular concentrations of the chemical. P-gps have been found in several invertebrate species and have been shown to provide a defence against environmental xenobiotics, including pesticides. This study used a model cell culture system to investigate the interaction of pesticides with P-gp. Ivermectin and endosulfan were shown to be strong inhibitors of dye transport out of cells, which is a standard measure of P-gp modulation. We then investigated the action of a P-gp inhibitor, verapamil (calcium channel blocker), on insecticide toxicity to fourth-instar mosquito larvae of the Culex pipiens L. complex (Diptera: Culicidae). Verapamil increased toxicity to examples of three insecticide classes (cypermethrin, endosulfan, ivermectin), but not to chlorpyrifos (organophosphate). The discovery of a novel protective mechanism in mosquitoes, with a wide substrate range, has implications for the control of important pest and vector species.

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Random sampling was applied every year to select distributors for interviews in community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) areas of Cameroon and Uganda. A total of 288 in 2004, 357 in 2005 and 348 in 2006 distributors were interviewed in Cameroon, and 706, 618 and 789 in Uganda, respectively. The questions included treatment coverage, involvement in additional activities, where and for how long these activities were provided, and whether they were supervised.

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persons (IP) and identification of the likely index patients (IXP)because of their widespread disease should be the first step of an eradication program. All IP except for IXP should be treated irrespective of clinical signs by a single application of a modern effective external scabicide such as allethrin (Spregal) or permethrin cream (permethrin 2,5% until 6th year of life or permethrin 5% in a hydrophilic cream) at day 1 (day X). The following 10-day quarantine and close control of all IP is an inexpensive and safe method of eradication. IXP are admitted and treated with oral administration of single dose of ivermectin, which can be repeated on day 8 if necessary. In addition permethrin cream 5% can be applied in severe cases, combined with nail trimming and aggressive cleaning of the subungual debris. Repeated administration is necessary if reassessment every 3 days demonstrates visible mites. (Note: none of this is mentioned in German.) The staff is instructed to wear gloves during all patient contact.

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CLM significantly impaired the skin disease-associated life quality in child and adult patients living in urban slums in North Brazil. After treatment with ivermectin, life quality normalised rapidly.

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We searched the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group trials register, the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register, Medline, Embase, military records, traditional medicine databases. We also contacted international specialist centres and drug manufacturers.

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This 9-year-old girl presented with bone pain in lumbar region. Bone pain was the only symptom. The patient didn't have organomegaly. The BM samples were studied by flow cytometry, which showed pre-B cell ALL. Larva of Strongyloides stercoralis was found in fecal examination. Plain chest x ray showed bilateral para-cardiac infiltration. Strongyloidiasis was treated before starting chemotherapy. After two days treatment with Mebendazol the patient developed cough, dyspnea, respiratory distress and fever. The treatment changed to Ivermectin for 2 days. Chemotherapy started five days after diagnosis of leukemia.

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This study assessed changes in circulating parasite antigen levels after diethylcarbamazine (DEC) and ivermectin treatment of bancroftian filariasis to determine effects of these drugs on adult Wuchereria bancrofti in vivo. Thirty adult Haitians with microfilaremia were treated with 1 mg of ivermectin to reduce counts of microfilariae. Later, subjects were treated with either one or two 200 micrograms/kg doses of ivermectin or with 12 daily 6 mg/kg doses of DEC. Macrofilaricidal activity of these drugs was indirectly monitored by measuring circulating W. bancrofti antigen by EIA. Antigen levels fell by 75% after DEC and by 34% after ivermectin. These results suggest that low-dose ivermectin treatment followed by a standard course of DEC is a more effective macrofilaricidal regimen for W. bancrofti than either of the multidose ivermectin regimens used in this study.